Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take it slow

I seriously need to slow down. I have been writing a lot of email crap lately. My brain cells must be going haywire.

I just wrote in one of my emails that my email got stuck in my "outbook". What the f???
And... my counterpart in the US just forwarded that email to everyone on his team plus his managers. Haha. Hopefully they didn't even bother reading that.

And there are times when my typing cannot catch up with what I am thinking and I end up missing some words in my sentences. I hope my guys still understand what I'm trying to say :)

Not just that! I committed a blunder this morning because I am trying to super multitask. Tsk Tsk.

So starting tomorrow today, I will try my best to slow down a bit. So help me God.


wyndz said...

Just take it slow Che...

You know what happened sa mga nagmamadali...

... nadadapa. LOL!

chepot said...

haha oo nga!
ngayon sobrang bagal ko naman :D