Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been a tough year for us and I'm sure that 2011 will be equally tough but I'm quite optimistic that we will survive just as we did the past year. :)

In spite of all the difficulties, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. Our moving to our own house, Calvin turning 1 and growing up so fast before our very eyes, Jongster finally getting to work at AMD last July, Ate Claire's full recovery from her operation, being able to visit Vanny in Arizona even for just a short while, celebrating our 12 and 6 years anniversary and last but definitely not the least news of Nanay's good health.

Our Home Sweet Home.
More pics here.

Calvin turns 1! Studio Loft, March 18, 2010

Calvin's 1st Birthday Celebration @Clearwater, March 2010

Ate Claire @ Hard Rock Cafe RWS, Sept 2010

Me and my bebe celebrating our 12 and 6 years anniversary at RWS, Sept 2010...

... and Calvin is 18mos old too! :)

My boys fooling around, Christmas 2010

With Vanny at the Grand Canyon, Aug 2010

Nanay enjoying her breakfast at Rise, Marina Bay Sands July 2010

The Abads, New Year's Eve

Happy New Year Everyone!
Looking forward to 2011!


Inimeg said...

Happy New Year Bibe!

Kahit gano pa kahirap this year, or yung next, kayang kaya natin yun :)

Wag lang lagi mag-aaway :P hehe

Lab yu bibe!

chepot said...

Kasama nga yan sa New Year's resolution ko. Be patient at wag ka ayawin hehehe...

Lab yu bebe! At kahit na inaaway kita
ikaw lang ang gusto ko makasama forever and ever and ever :)

Anonymous said...

Naaliw ako sa picture ni Vanny. heheheh. Happy New Year to the Abad Family. May you have more blessings in 2011.

chepot said...

wow ronoel nagbabasa ka pala ng blog ko. :) Happy new year and more blessings din syo for 2011!

Sun Jun said...

o nga. ako dun din na aliw! pati sa 1st 2 comments hehehe.

congrats on the new house! and wishing you and your family a sparkling 2011.