Friday, February 13, 2009

The Philippines would always be our home sweet home

We are currently living in Singapore but someday we would still like to go back to the Philippines for good. Well, hopefully in about 5-10 years time. A lot of my friends and colleagues don’t want to go back to the Philippines anymore. They prefer to stay here in Singapore or move to some other country because for them the Philippines is not a safe place to live in. But for us, we would still like to go back. I just love the Philippines! Like what they say, there’s still no place like home and the Philippines would always be our home sweet home. I love the food, the beaches and our family is there. For now, we are just trying to save up for our retirement and Calvin's education. And of course, we would also like to have enough funds to buy a family car. I am thinking we will just get a Toyota Avanza since the price is not that expensive. :) Or if electric/hybrid cars are not that expensive maybe we will just get those instead. Check out this neat site on electric cars. I just hope the economy picks up soon and I don't lose my job (cross your fingers!) so all these plans can become a reality. :)


nel's bebi said...

che, di ka nagiisa. i love the philippines too! as in miss na miss ko na sya. kami rin plan namen talaga pagkanakaipon ng enough magsettle na ulet sa pinas

chepot said...

ay sinabi mo pa! buti na lang parehas kme ni gemini na gusto bumalik.