Monday, February 16, 2009

In or Out?

This song of Sandara Park has been singing in my head for some weeks now. We are going to have a reduction in force in our company. Early rumors was the announcement would be last January 25 but it keeps on getting pushed out. Now, talks are it's going to happen this Wednesday. Well hopefully it does so it's finally over and done with. The morale in the office is not that good when there's retrenchment looming around the corner. It's better they announce soon so people can start going back to normal.

I'm actually 50-50 on this. Half of me wants to be retrenched as long as the package is good. I plan to resign anyway by end of this year to be a full time mommy to Calvin. But if the package is not good I would rather stay until the end of year so we could save up some money. Oh well, let's wait and see. :)


Speaking of out, we are moving into a new place by the end of this month. We are actually downgrading to just renting a room at our bro-in-law's place (we are currently staying at a 2-bedroom HDB). For one, Calvin is our first baby and it would be nice to be around family 100% of the time. Second, this is in preparation for our plans of me becoming a stay-at-home-mom. Kelangan magtipid naman. :) It's a good thing we already found someone to replace us in our current apartment until our September end of contract. That's one less thing to worry about...


These times are really tough. But I'm sure we will all get through it. That's a big statement coming from a worry-wart like me... hehehe.. Anyway, Good Luck to us all :)

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