Monday, November 24, 2008

Yey! :)

Jongster and I have decided that I will just be giving birth in the Philippines instead of Singapore. In case I need to have a CS delivery, it would be super expensive in Singapore... Yesterday, I was checking on some flights na. Buti na lang hindi pa ako nagbook :) I was thinking sa next credit card cutoff na lang and baka magka-promo pa. And the next day... Yey! Me promo nga! We just booked our February flights awhile ago. All zero fare, just have to pay the taxes. So happy... hehehe...


By the way, I forgot to update on my biopsy result. Well, it's not PG nga. Mukha ngang contact dermatitis, severe allergic reaction to something. I'm suspecting it's the fabric softener I'm using so I stopped using it na. I don't have the rashes in my tummy anymore but it still hasn't gone back to it's original color nga lang. It's still darker than the rest of my skin. :( Anyway, it's fine. I just hope it returns to normal someday :)


Finally I'm going back to Singapore. Hopefully maayos na agad and makauwi na by early December. And the yey! part is some of my colleagues will be travelling along with me since the product we were supporting here got cancelled. Blessing talaga because I didn't want to travel all the way from here back to Singapore alone. Buti na lang talaga me kasama ako. Thank you God. :)


Now on my 24th week! Konti na lang and I'm on my 3rd trimester na. Yey! I'm really excited na. It's getting a bit difficult to sleep na pero ok lang, it's all worth it. I can't wait to give birth. And Jongster is equally excited I'm sure... 109 days to go na lang anak! :)

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nel's bebi said...

ay buti naman at di PG. lapit na che, wag ka mainip masyado (sabagay ganyan din ako noon e). soon, makakasama nyo na si bebe nyo. hinay hinay and ingat sa byahe.