Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope it's not PG

Last Wednesday I noticed some rashes on my stomach. At first I was thinking it was just normal for pregnant women. And since it didn't itch that much at that time I didn't pay much attention to it. But during the weekend I noticed it has gotten worse (covered most of my tummy) and by Sunday evening it was itching like crazy. And I also noticed that my legs had a lot of mosquito bite like rashes also. I had some of these rashes appearing on my legs already during my first week here in Austin but now they are a lot! Wow naman. Sumabay pa sa stomach rash ko. Napra praning na talaga tuloy ako. So I set an appointment with my OB to have it checked . You should have seen the look on her face. She even asked for a second opinion from the another OB. She said she wanted a dermatologist to check it since there are a number of possibilities what this severe stomach rash could be. I was hearing it might be herpes gestationis (hinde yung herpes na VD ha). Yikes! I encountered this one while researching my symptoms. It's also known as pemphigoid gestationis and it is very rare among pregnant women. Ayan napra praning na ako lalo. But she checked the baby's heartbeat and ok naman daw. Thank God. So she set me with an afternoon appointment with the dermatologist. The derma said she thinks it contact dermatitis. Kasi concentrated areas naman daw yung rash. She was recommending that she gives me creams to help ease the swelling and itching muna and then come back after a week to see if it improves. I was telling it her I did some research and asked if it's possible it's PG. She said that might be one thing to consider but she doesn't think it's PG but if it will make me feel better she can do a skin biopsy to check. She said nga lang it will scar. So the praning soon-to-be-mommy that I am, I opted for this biopsy. Ok lang magka scar, basta malaman ko lang kung PG nga ba or not. Scary kasi yung PG pede daw mag cause the preterm labor. :( So she did the biopsy and now I have some stitches. Masakit sya ha. Mejo makirot pa sya now. I have to go back there next week to have the suture removed. I am really hoping it's not PG. As for the mosquito bite like rashes in my legs, still have no idea what's causing it. Di ko alam kung me nangangagat ba sken dito sa apartment habang tulog ako. But that well that's the least of my worries right now.

I should know the results by end of this week or early next week. Again, I hope it's not PG.

*** now i have some rash on my right wrist... waaaahhh! ano ba itong nangyayari sken ***


Inimeg said...

hindi yan PG bibe :)

climate + stress (dahil iniisip mong PG)

Sun Jun said...

i hope it's nothing serious.
get well soon.

nel's bebi said...

naku wag naman sana PG> although ako noon napakaparanoid sa kahit ano. yung OB ko nga minsan niloloko na lang ako sa mga sagot nya pag nagtatanong ako ng kung anu-ano dahil paranoid ako e. sabi rin nya wag na ako magbasa ng pregnancy books ksi dun ko nakukuha mga tanong ko.

ako naman noon nagka-rashes sa legs. eczema lang sbi ng derma kasi bukod sa super dry dito, nagmanas ako, so nastretch ang legs kaya nagkaeczema. ganun din yung sa tyan ko. ang kati-kati pa naman nun.

chepot said...

hey stefi, thanks. i really hope it's not.

hey raf, super paranoid nga tlg yata mga tesbun. sbe nga ni jongster wag na muna ako mag research. antay ko na lang daw yung result ng biopsy. hay naku ako rin me ezcema din sa legs at maraming red spots. kung ano anong rashes ang lumilitaw grabe. di bale ayos lng basta maging healthy lang si baby.