Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My First Baking Project

Before the year 2007 ended, we bought a convection and rotisserie oven so my mom could cook some roast chicken for new year's eve. It can toast, roast, broil and BAKE! :) I've always wanted to try baking but didn't have the equipment, so now that we have the oven, I figured I better start. So for my baking debut, I decided on baking some brownies muna. Brownie Recipe courtesy of JoyofBAKING.com. Since this is my first try, I halved the recipe. Sayang naman kasi kung pumalpak, hehehe... I used Van Houten baking chocolate and instead of Pure Vanilla Extract I used Imitation Vanilla Extract (it was the only vanilla extract I could find in Fairprice). The website warned that using Imitation Vanilla Extract would leave a bitter aftertaste but I didn't notice it. The side edges got a bit burnt coz I didn't take it out of the oven right away but it's still edible naman (parang naging cookies yung edges). In fairness, masarap sya. Brownies just the way I like it. I brought some for my officemates and they liked it as well. And Jongster liked it of course as if my choice sya, hehehe... So, I guess I can consider my first baking project a success! Looking forward to more baking in the weeks to come :)

My first ever brownies, baked from scratch


SUN JUN said...

go chepots!
share your recipe naman ^^

chepot said...

eh stefi!
click mo lng yung brownie recipe na link. as in finollow ko lang sya. Kaya lang di 9x13 yung baking pan ko. 9x9 yung nagamit ko, yun lang yung meron ako eh hehehe...