Friday, August 31, 2007


Meet my new toy... :)

Got it at COMEX 2007 for a good deal last Friday night. 669SGD with a lot of freebies: two 2.0GB SD cards, leather camera case, digital camera bag with camera cleaning stuff and a Samsonite shoulder bag. Cool huh! I have been thinking of replacing my old digicam (a Konica Minolta Dimage Xg) and was choosing between an Ixus 850IS or Ixus 950IS. Good thing I waited for the IT show because the Ixus 860IS just came out, well it wasn't there in the website yet when I was looking... It's basically the same as the 850IS but with a whooping 3.0 inch LCD screen. Wow. Compared to my old digicam, that's a HUGE difference. :)

The HUGE difference :)

After buying the cam, we (me, Jongster, Perry, Carol and soon-to-be hubby Emric) went to Makansutra (hawker center near Esplanade) to have some dinner. Our welcome dinner for Carol since she just arrived here in Singapore. We had crispy baby squid, chicken wings, carrot cake (it's not really made of carrot, no idea why they call it carrot cake), stingray and some beef and chicken satay. Super busog!

Perry, Emric, Carol and me. Jongster took the pic :)

Wish Carol all the luck as she starts her new life here in Singapore. Anyway, she's staying with us pa naman so she is in good hands... I think... Hehehe...

My site is also sporting a new look. I'm not liking it so much though... hehe... but since it's a bit tedious to change templates this would have to do for the time being. :)

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SUN JUN said...

waaah! I miss those baby squids! waaah! ^^