Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wow, my first (and last) post for August. I have been busy lately that I haven't even visited my own blog for more than a month! Grabe.

I am on a "planned" sick leave today (also known as "MC" here in Singapore) because my good friend Carol is arriving today. She will be working here na rin and will be staying with us for awhile. The arrangement is I will leave early from work to meet them someplace and then go back to our place BUT I thought it will be better if I just took the whole day off because something might come up in the office that would prevent me to leave earlier. But now it's for real, I'm really going to be sick in a few minutes, coz now i just had my period! Kainis. I really don't like taking medicines for the pain and would usually just try to sleep it off. But today would have to be one of those exceptions coz I really have to leave the house...

Before I leave and take some rest because of this ****ing period, here's some quick udpates:
  • 565k down, 260k to go! Paid off the loan we owed Bogs. Thanks a lot Bogs!
  • Finished Legend of Zelda, The Twilight Princess. Really had a great time playing this. This game is highly recommended for Wii console owners out there. Now searching for the next Wii-game addiction hehehe...
  • We have decided not to go home for vacation (again!) in December. Our family will be flying over here for the Christmas vacation instead (Nanay, Ate Kleng, Mommy and Reiczy). We have booked their tickets na so it's all set. Since Kuya Uly, Ate Karen and the kids are not going home too, Jongster and I thought it best to fly them here na lang so Nanay could spend time with the apos.
  • Jongster is not going to Israel anymore, yehey! He accepted a traning opportunity to go to Israel a few months back which would take about 2-6 months. But their working permits got super delayed and just got approved recently. So now he turned it down on the account that it has been delayed so much already and plus the fact that he wants to find another job actually hehe.
  • Jongster will be going to Hongkong instead for a short business trip. Might drop by there for one weekend. Still thinking :)
  • Will be in Manila on Sept7-9 to attend my good friend Tanya's wedding on Sept 8 (I will be part of her Liturgical entourage) and to celebrate my Mom and sister's birthday on Sept 9 (my Mom's birthday is actually this coming Sept 2). I already bought my mom a gift earlier this month, I hope she likes it.

Our gift for Mom... Wachatink?

Ok, that's it for now. The attack of the killer dysmenorrhea is now starting... Aaarghh...

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