Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wiii... One Week After

This is a long overdue post, should've done this last week pa pero... you'll find out later why :)

Last Sunday (July 1) was a Wiiiiii day for me:

Wiiiiii... because we finally remitted two months worth of savings to pay off a part of our loan to Bogs and the exchange rate at that time was a little over 30Php. Yey! I was just really praying sana at least 30 man lang when we remit and my prayers were answered. 450,000 down, 375,000 to go! Malapit na mabayaran ang loan! Wiiiiii!

Wiiiiii... because we got another Star Trek Voyager DVD. We saw Season 2 last week at Gramophone at the Capitol Centre branch (the one near City Hall MRT station) and it was the only season left there :( It was on sale at 15% off kaya lang di pa payday eh. So I told Jongster let's just come back for it next week, if it's still there and it's still on SALE, we'll buy it. Lo and behold, when we came back a week after it was still there! And still on SALE! So now i have 3/7 seasons of Voyager, 4 to go na lang! Wiiiiii!

Gotta find that season 3!

Wiiiiii... because after a long time here in Singapore I finally got to do some shopping! Pede ba naman palagpasin ang GSS! I got some moolah from our company's refer-a-friend scheme and got a go signal from Jongster to use the money for shopping instead of just saving it up to pay for the rest of our loan since this is "bonus" money naman. Not part of the budget. :) So off to Vivo City we go. I remember last Sunday being all giddy with delight when we entered the mall. We have been here before of course but usually just to watch a movie, eat or meet with some friends. But this is actually the first time we are going here with shopping as the main agenda. Parang nagspa-sparkle sparkle yung mall pag pasok namin, hahaha.. Grabe na to. After a few hours, mission accomplished: bought some blouses and a dress at Zara; capri pants, sleeveless shirt,a bag and a shirt for Jongster at Esprit (even got myself a membership card, 10% off all year round, wohoo!), a mini skirt at Mango and some knickers from Topshop. Mission accomplished indeed with even 200 bucks to spare! Wiiiiii!

Nakapila sa Zara, 6 items lang at a time hoy :D

My new bag and new dress

And the biggest Wiiiiii of all... we finally got ourselves this:

Costs 659 SGD at Best Denki and comes with an extra controller and 1 game (choice of Shrek the Third or Spiderman 3). We bought it at Best to get some linkpoints but it's cheaper by 10SGD at Challenger but the game choice is only Shrek the Third. We have been eyeing Wii for some time now pero wala kasi lagi stock. When we saw it was on stock again, hay bili na agad. Wala na isip isip. Remember I said we still had 200 bucks to spare? Wala na! Over pa nga e! hahaha.. Yari na naman sa next credit card billing cycle... Bahala na si batman :) Sulit naman 'tong Wii eh, you get to burn some calories while you have fun playing, ayos! Wiiiiii!

Kaya very busy for the past week, very little time for blogging. Actually my posts for the week were mostly done in the office except for yesterday's photo hunt, mwehehe.. :)


Inimeg said...

track mo din Wii age mo bibe. hehe.

Sun Jun said...

waaaah! nice! wiiiiii!
sana mapapa wiii din kami nyan ^^

elapot said...

aba maganda palang motivation ang pagburn ng calories habang naglalaro ng wii...hmmmm...