Friday, July 6, 2007


I was browsing the photos of a high school batch mate Karina in friendster and I found this:

Yes, I’m that chubby little girl with the girlie-girl pose

All my school class pictures -- oh yes, from grade school to high school! :( -- were damaged totally ruined because our house before in Binan got flooded. So it’s nice that my batch mate posted this on friendster. Now at least I have all the digital copies of my senior year class pictures and 1 out of 3 (I think) from my junior year. Sure hope somebody posts those from my freshman and sophomore years too. :)


ruther said...


ako din nawala na ung mga old pics when we transferred to our new home almost 10 years ago...sayang. buti ikaw may friendsters pang nagpost ng pics...sana ako din :(

Sun Jun said...

wow! similar post ta! hihihi ^^
nice! ^^