Monday, June 25, 2007


This morning Jongster and I did not go to work together as we usually do. He left earlier to drop by the bank before work. So as usual late na naman ako gumising kasi Monday. When I was about to go out of the house I remembered that I left my keys in his knapsack. Buti na lang naalala ko! So I went to look for his knapsack and couldn’t find it. Syet! So I had to call him to ask….

    *ring ring ring*

    Jongster: “Hello.”
    Chepot: “Bibe, nasan yung bag mo?”
    Jongster: “Eto dala ko.”
    Chepot: “Eh bibe, nandyan yata susi ko…”
    Jongster: “Teka bibe, check ko. Baba ko muna ‘tong phone. Tawag ako sayo uli…”
    Chepot: “Ok”

    *ring ring ring*

    Jongster: “Bibe, nandito nga.”
    Chepot: “Nye bibe, paano mamaya uwian?”
    Jongster: “Bahala na mamaya, bibe.”
    Chepot: “Nye, bad trip naman o.” (sabay end ng call kinda inis na.)

    ***This conversation took place with me thinking that he didn’t lock the main door and the gate so I was only worrying about uwian time coz I usually arrive home much earlier than he does…
I went to the door and saw that he locked it. Ayos lang, we have a spare key for the main door that’s always in the living room…

I got the key and opened the main door and Voila!... my dear husband also locked the gate. I was trapped! Didn’t have a spare key for the gate kasi namamahalan ako before sa pa recopy. 15SGD ba naman, like almost 450Php na kaya yun…
    *ring ring ring*

    Chepot: “Bibe, ni lock mo rin yung gate, wala ako susi nun. Balikan mo ako dito.”
    Jongster: “Ok bibe, mag time in lang ako tapos balik ako jan.”
    Kaya today I was later than usual, around 2 hours late! The usual is around 1 hour late lang, hehe. So on the way home, with a heavy heart, I had the gate key duplicated. Ang mahal naman kasi eh! :) But I certainly don’t want to be trapped again inside my house, so ok na lang yung 15SGD. Hmp.

    Uncle, the key master, duplicating my key

    That black key completes the spare keys collection...
    Nothings gonna trap us now... :)


    Sun Jun said...

    nice stowee! luv it! hehe ^^

    QT said...

    it happened to meas well. kaya lang nd nakaalis si tantan ng maaga sa office so i had to wait for like 30mins outside sa house. para nd magtaka ung mga kapit bahay namin, kunwari nagdilig dilig ako sa labas at nag ayos ng shed. hehehe