Saturday, March 1, 2008

Earn While You Blog

I actually started blogging as a way to practice writing in English again. I guess I didn’t use it much during my college days in UP, and working for a multinational company with people of diverse cultures with different "versions" of the English language got it quite rusty. :)

Soon enough I started to enjoy it, sharing stories about me, sharing my thoughts and in a way serving as a diary of sorts.

As an added bonus, bloggers are also given an opportunity to make money while blogging! Cool, huh! Sometime ago, I saw Bloggerwave from Cheche’s friend Dionne and signed up for it and got approved within 24 hours!

So why wait, sign up for it now and start earning some cash! :)


nel's bebi said...

so paano mageearn? tas pano mo makukuha earnings mo?

chepot said...

write ka lang about topics na available dun sa website nila. Nag sign up ako sa payperpost, smorty at bloggerwave pero yung sa bloggerwave pa lang nagawa ko. Sign ka na rin! Click mo yun payperpost na icon sa sidebar ko pag sali ka na ppp. para meron ako referral. hihi..

nel's bebi said...

sa paypal pala sila nagtatransact no? safe ba to?
required ba na magblog nang magblog? (dami ko tanong e no, pde naman magbasa, haha)