Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Two days ago, I was surfing the web trying to find some nice home design and decoration stuff when I stumbled into something really cool: Digital Magazine Subscription. No more print magazines piling up your shelves since it's conveniently stored in your hard drive and can be accessed in any other PC as long as you have internet connection. You can now enjoy magazines not available in your country or are available BUT are very expensive, digital magazines are much cheaper, I got Met Home magazine for 12USD for 22 issues and Elle magazine for 14USD for 26 issues. Plus you don't need to wait a long time to get your first issue, once you have submitted your order and of course the payment information, you can start downloading. The magazines partnered with zinio.com to bring you this wonderful innovation. I subscribed mine directly from the Hachette Filipacchi Media website (it's cheaper there than in zinio). Some of the other magazines are only available in zinio.com but I suggest if you find a magazine you like there, still try to find the home website of that magazine because it might be available there at a cheaper rate.

Right now there are limited magazines available but I'm sure in time all magazines will be adopting this new trend. Hope FHM Philippines does it soon. We already have tons back in the Philippines since Jongster is an avid collector/reader of FHM.

I'm subscribed right now to Elle, Metropolitan Home and Popular Photography & Imaging. Should have also included Home and Elle Decor but I accidentally closed the window before I could get my first copy so I'm still waiting for customer service to answer my e-mail before I try to start ordering again because my credit card might get double charged! Those who want a copy just give me a buzz. The other wonderful thing about it is you can share it with your friends for FREE! Super cool, huh! Just don't forget me when you start subscribing... :)


SUN JUN said...

yikes! geeky! hehehe ^^

everything's digital now.
pacopya nung popular photography and imaging! wehehe

hope to see you and gem soon!

chepot said...

yep super cool nga eh. though me flaw din. the july issues are already available dapat for elle and methome magazines pero wala pa rin ako delivery notice. lousy yung Hachette Filipacchi Media service. hehehe...

see you soon! sana yung week of august 9 nyo itaon kasi holiday yun dito sa SG.

chepot said...

btw stefi, already sent you a free copy of popular photography and imaging. check mo na lang sa gmail mo. :)