Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Back!

Hi guys, I'm back! Inatake na naman po kasi ng katam. Hehe... :)

I was supposed to start blogging again the night Melinda Doolittle was eliminated in American Idol but as usual laziness got in the way. Man, I was really disappointed that she got the boot! Seriously! Nothing against Jordin and Blake because I also like them both but Melinda was really the better singer/performer and she is my #1 choice. The only thing is she is not pretty. Fine, I get it America!!! But still I'm really disappointed (sniff sniff -- kasi the past 2 seasons my favorites won -- Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks). Anyway, good luck Melinda! I know there is still a BIG career in store for you!


So what have we been up to the past month? Well, the highlights are: watched "The Phantom of the Opera" at Esplanade, had a nice vacation (and buffet eating spree) at Bintan, watched Spiderman 3 in 4k digital @ GV Vivocity, bought the game Viva Pinata (wohoo!!!) and had my first try at the driving range.


The Phantom of the Opera

We decided before that we weren't going to watch The Phantom na lang kasi nga nagtitipid kame supposedly. But Jongster found this bargain tickets at this xbox360 forum site he frequently visits. The seller was not going to be able to watch na so he is selling it at a discount. The tickets were originally priced at 162SGD each and we got both tickets for 260SGD na lang and the seats were really good. So we changed our minds and decided to watch na lang. Good thing we did coz it was really nice. How they switched in between sets was really amazing. Na appreciate ko talaga since we were not seated so far from the stage unlike when we watched Miss Saigon at the CCP theater back in the Philippines, sobrang layo namin we had to rent binoculars to watch.

Picture Picture muna sa tabi ng poster before the show starts

Taken inside the theater, bawal daw picture picture napagalitan kme nung usher. Hehehe...


Bintan Weekend Get-Away

Bintan Resorts is a 55-min ferry ride away from Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Travel agencies offer packages including hotel + accomodations but we opted to just book the ferry ride and hotel accomodations ourselves since it's still a bit cheaper. For ferry bookings, you can book online at Bintan Resort Ferries website: Roundtrip adult fares would cost 43.20 SGD for weekdays and 54.20 SGD for weekends. For resorts & hotel listings, you can visit the Bintan Resports website: We chose to stay at Nirwana Resort Hotel because they have a room promotion at 140SGD per night at that time. This already includes buffet breakfast and transfers for two.

This is pretty much our list of activities during our Bintan stay:
Day 1 - Swim, Tambay sa Beach, Eat Buffet Dinner, Sleep
Day 2 - Eat Buffet Breakfast, Swim, Tambay sa Beach, Eat Lunch, Spa Session @ Kedaton Tropical Spa, Swim, Tambay sa Beach, Eat Buffet Dinner, Sleep
Day 3 - Eat Buffet Breakfast, Swim, Tambay sa Beach, Eat Buffet Lunch, Uwi na!

I told you we had an eating spree! The seafood was really delish! Super papak kame ni Jongster. :) Mejo magastos lang talaga because we ate mostly in the resort's restaurants. Eh lagi pa me 10% government tax and 10% service tax! I think there is a cheaper place outside the resort they call Pasar Oleh Oleh pero super tamad ako to go out of the resort. Just wanted to relax and hang out by the beach talaga.

The beach is also nice, similar na to Boracay but Boracay sands are whiter and finer in my opinion plus the Boracay beachfront is really bustling with activity (I miss Boracay!). But since we just wanted to relax, Bintan is the perfect place to be.

We will probably be back there sometime soon. Some of my friends might be visiting us here in Singapore in the coming months and I want to bring them there for a day trip.

At the Singapore Cruise Center, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Ferry boat ride on the way to Bintan

Welcome to Bintan!

In our room at Nirwana Resort Hotel

At the beach

The Nirwana Dancers put flowers on the guests, and yes even on males!

Nirwana Resort Hotel

Chepot enjoying the beach :)

At the Kedaton Tropical Spa, we tried their Exotic Coconut Treat Signature Treatment.

At the Coffee Shop, Nirwana Resort Hotel

Si bibe busog na busog... takaw kasi eh dami kinain rock lobster :)


Spiderman 3 in 4K digital

I think of the three Spiderman movies, this one is really #3. As in kulelat for me. :) This movie was the first movie offered in 4K digital at GV Vivocity i think so we gave it a try. Ayos nga. It's like watching a very very BIG HDTV.


Viva Pinata (Xbox 360 Game)

We got the game second hand at 35SGD at (a brand new xbox 360 game would typically cost 70SGD). Super bargain. We are hooked! And since we super love this game, i think this deserves a separate blog entry. Hehehe.. I will add this to my to-do list. Basta ang masasabi ko lang mas nilalaro pa 'to ni Jongster kesa sa N3 at Gears of War. Mwahahaha!


First Try at the Driving Range

Yes! I finally got to try golf, well at least the driving range. What I thought before as a stupid game of hitting balls is NOT stupid AT all. My first try to hit the ball, I missed. Hahaha... My good friend Bogs, our designated "teacher" (he is really good by the way and he is still single *wink wink*) said it was normal for beginners. My second try was a success! Yippee! Mahina nga lang hahaha. Sbe ni teacher Bogs ok naman daw yung swing ko. But I get tired easily. I'm using his golf clubs kasi eh and i find them heavy. Maybe I should get my own set... Hehehe.. Yari na naman budget nito. The next day, my arms and back were sore. Ayan di kasi nag stretching. And since I don't exercise, nabigla ang mga muscles ko. :)

Since we will be in the Philippines for a vacation this coming weekend till the next, I won't be able to visit the driving range muna. When we get back from vacation na lang, maybe I have my own set of clubs na nun since my birthday is coming up soon anyway. Hihihi..


SUN JUN said...

Hi! yung resort sa Indonesia na yan noh? ^^ something to look 4ward to again! weehee!

chepot said...

hi stip! yep sa indonesia na sya.

yes something to look forward to again. i will bring you guys there when you visit me here in SG. :)