Monday, April 23, 2007

Oops They're Yielded Again...

... but Eric and Danielle are still in the race! Yes, after being yielded twice in two consecutive legs and being marked for elimination in this leg, they are still in the fight to win the Amazing Race. Buti na lang, kasi Jongster would have been sad na naman. Hehehe. He really likes Danielle and guess why... :)

Eric & Danielle


In this episode, we got to see the Skywalk X and Skyjump done in Macau Tower operated by AJ Hackett International (the same guys operating in Kuala Lumpur Tower). It looked super awesome! When we went to Kuala Lumpur last January we were only able to try the G-ForceX Anti-Gravity Machine and the Flying Fox Park (where you are harnessed and hooked up to cables and then glide from tree to tree ala Tarzan). But our super friendly AJ Hackett Crew, Raja, told us they will also be having the Skywalk X and Skyjump by August this year (if I remember right). After seeing it in the amazing race, we'll definitely be back there to try it out!

Here are some of our pics in KL Tower:

Getting ready for the Flying Fox

HMP doing the Flying Fox (clockwise from upper left): Gemini, Che, Roger, Stephen and Perry

Group pic after doing the Flying Fox

G-Force X, Yeah! Stephen got to ride it twice, the 2nd one was free!

So if you happen to be in KL one of these days, be sure to drop by KL Tower and try these! It's absolutely worth every ringgit! ;-)

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