Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lazy Blogger Blogs Again

Yes, I am a super lazy blogger. I would have ideas what to write on a certain day but I AM JUST SOOO LAZY to go on and start writing them. To think I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop... hehehe..

So my friend Sun Jun is urging me to continue my blogging so this one's for you Sun Jun! :)


One of the reasons I am so lazy is eversince we got our plasma TV, I've been watching TV almost non-stop. Hehe.. Super mesmerizing to be in front of the tv...

So what have I been watching? A lot of TV series and Voyager (my most favorite Star Trek Series ever! Next would be Deep Space Nine hihi). I won't bore you with the Trekkie stuff, a lot of people don't really dig my addiction to Star Trek except for my Trekkie friends hehehe...

So for this blog I will tell you about my favorite Reality Shows - I am a sucker for reality TV. Some say most of them are scripted but what the heck! I still love them anyway. :)

The Veteran Shows:

The Apprentice
- which is in Los Angeles this season instead of the usual New York setting.

The Amazing Race (All-Stars Edition)
- I was rooting for Rob and Amber to win even if Rob was such an ass. But they were eliminated after 3 amazing first place finishes so I am not really rooting for any team right now. I don't really like any of the remaining four teams but if I had to choose it will have to be the beauty queens because they are an all girls team. There is another all girls team, Charla and Mirna but I find Mirna so annoying...

Survivor Fiji
- I really like this season because they have put in some new twists to it. I hope Yau-Man wins! He is super awesome in challenges even if he is a teeny weeny old man.

America's Next Top Model
- I just love this show period. Nothing beats wannabe models bitch about each other. hehehe... And Miss Jay, "she" is starting to grow on me even if she looks like an orangutan on heels. :)

American Idol
- I'm getting used to Sanjaya now. I actually look forward to what he's gonna do next. Freaky. Hehehe... My favorites this season would be Melinda (my friend calls her Zoraida), Jordin and Blake. As long as any of them wins the title, I'm ok. I hope America won't let Sanjaya be the Next American Idol. I think that would spell an end to this show if that happens. Hehehe..

The Rookie Shows:

Grease You're the One That I Want
- this one is a bit cheesy but i sill watched it anyway, hehehe.. The Season is over and Laura and Max are going to be the next Sandy and Danny in the Broadway Production of Grease. Lucky them.

Top Design
- just like Project Runway but this one is on interior design. I'm glad that Matt won. He is just so classy. :)


Can't wait for Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance to start. It's scheduled to start this May. :) There is also a new one which started last week titled "Shear Genius" which is on hairdressing naman. Amazing what kinds of reality shows they come up with. :)

So that's it for now folks. I will blog about the non-Reality TV shows I'm watching on my next blogs.


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SUN JUN said...

thanks for the dedication fren! ^^

missing all the series from you! was only able to watch until ep4 of grease ^^