Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dancing With The Stars aka DWTS

I forgot one reality show I'm also watching and that is Dancing With The Stars. :) This show is now on it's 4th Season. There are 3 promising celebrities this season (in my opinion): Apolo Anton Ohno, the Olympic gold medalist; Laila Ali, the undefeated world champion female boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali and of course Joey Fatone of the boy band N'Sync. There is still no standout performance from Laila but I think she has a lot of potential. Well the guys, they are really showing they are in this competition to win. Below are the videos of my favorite performances from these two guys. Watch and enjoy!

Joey and Kym's Tango ala Star Wars

Joey and Kym's Awesome Paso Doble

Apolo and Julianne's Perfect Samba, they scored 30 from the judges for this performance!

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