Sunday, March 4, 2007

First Time

So i've decided to start blogging for real.. :) First timer.. hehehe..


Last year was a mix of good and bad. I will not go into the details of the bad part kasi
maiinis lang ako. hehehe... meron lang naman kame gusto patayin ni jongster pag uwi namin Pinas sa May!

For the good part, Jongster and I got jobs in Singapore. Right timing kasi we really needed money to pay the remaining balance we owed to Empire East for the house we purchased in Gov Hills. 1M grabe by end of 2006! Of course, we didn't have that
much saved. And even if we have already gotten jobs here in SG eh di pa rin kaya mag-raise ng 1M ng ganun kabilis! Thank God for our friends!!! We borrowed some money muna from them totalling to around 800k. I'm really thankful to these guys as in super!!!

Start of these year, we are starting to pay off our debts... As of now, we have already paid 3/8 super friends who lent us the money. Jongster and I would like to say thanks to R&M, V&K and R. Thanks guys, super grateful talaga kme...


Kaya hinay hinay muna sa shopping si chepot. Hehehe... pero di rin masyado!

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SUN JUN said...

Congratulations on your new house! ^^